Winter is Coming

Winter can be fun with the right preparation

John Snow already said it: Winter is Coming. Well, actually it’s already here. We are a little late with this post, so hopefully you aren’t frozen yet. Every year, a lot of people are complaining when it starts to get cold. But that doesn’t have to be. With a little preparation, winter is nothing more than a time to wear different clothes and eat different food.

And when you stop worrying about winter not being summer, you start to see all the great possibilities that it brings. Snow and ice allow you to employ new activities like ice skating and skiing/ snowboarding. And you no longer sweat when working out outside. For me, I love winter, just as I love summer. It’s different, there is no doubt about that.

But by stating that you hate winter, you automatically ruin about one quarter of the year. And, if you don’t move, one quarter of your life. That is a lot of time spent hating on something that you can’t change. Just saying:)

Have a good winter,

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Have You Had Your Coffee Today? And was It Good?

From beans to nice cup of coffee

Some say that coffee makes the world go round. And for me that is certainly true. When I get up, I am already looking forward to my first and subsequent cups of coffee. But as good as it can be, it’s possible to get awful taste too. You could say that making it right is an art, but what is really art? It comes down to paying attention to a few crucial aspects. Check out our new page on how to go from coffee beans to tasty coffee . It covers all the basics that you need and none of the unimportant stuff. Here is to your smooth and dark cup today!

See ya,

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Want To Stay or Get in Shape? Then You have To Stay Away From These Vegetables

No many people know that some vegetables can work against weight loss. Or they can even cause you to gain weight. The common belief is that vegetables are always good to eat and you can eat an almost unlimited amount of them. But this is not true And it’s causing people all over the world lots of problems with losing weight or reducing fat. Read our article on fattening vegetables to find out which vegetables to avoid and how best to cook them.

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What Are The Most Important Things in Your Kitchen?

There are certain mainstays when it comes to a kitchen that people can’t do without. Everyone knows you need a good refrigerator and freezer, a good stove and things like a microwave
You don’t need to include those on the list of the five must-haves for every kitchen because it’s quite obvious that they should be there. However, what else does every kitchen need? Check out our article on why you need these 5 things in your kitchen.

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Welcome to the bocadefresa

Welcome to our blog for lovely food and awesome health. These things are meant to go together. There are tons of people that try to convince us that we can’t have nice food and be healthy at the same time. And I am not talking about eating 5 pounds of vegetables or going sugar-free.

No, I am talking about actual great food, with actual sugar, actual butter and actual taste. So we are going to have a whole lot of sweet recipes, and great tips to have a healthy and awesome life.

So great to have you here. I am looking forward to see what we can do together.

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