Chocolate Fountain Reviews – Which Is The Best?

No, it’s not Halloween yet. I have just been to another children’s party last week, probably the 3rd this month. One of the perks of having a six-year-old niece is to have as much candy as she does in parties (probably more). In last week’s party though, the mother ship was present — a chocolate fountain. All of my excitement, however, was replaced with disappointment when it all turned to disaster. It was probably not the best idea to have an unattended chocolate fountain in a children’s party (the mess!), but it was not even that. There was no flowing chocolate! The fountain was placed near an AC, and the fondue party was, literally, stuck.

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How To Choose

chocolate covered strawberry is the bestChocolate fountains are fun when used appropriately. To avoid such disasters in the future, things to consider are the chocolate fountain, the type of chocolate and location.
To start with, there is a broad range of brands and models to choose from on Amazon, Ebay, and other online shopping sites. It is best to consider your reasons for purchasing a chocolate fountain to make the best decision when buying. Most commercial and home-use fountains are of the Auger Model, and some are of the Pump Model. Prices also differ according to the intended use and brands. The auger model uses the corkscrew-like tool to help with the mechanism of the fountain while the pump model does not. To differentiate these two, the type of chocolate is important.

Ah, the chocolate! While most chocolates are tempting, the consistency of chocolate makes all the difference if you want that perfect fondue party. When buying the particular kind of chocolate for fountains, consider the machine you have. For pump-style fountains, the chocolate should run thin. On the other hand, for auger fountain, the chocolate should be thick for that perfect flow.

When all has been purchased and ready to set-up, the location should be strategic as well. Aside from setting up the fountain on a sturdy table, for either home use or big parties, avoid placing the fountain near AC ducts, doors or dance floors. Also, it is never a good idea to have the fountain outdoors. No matter how perfect the machine and chocolate are, wrong locations can mess your whole fondue up.

In the name of chocolate and the delicious fondue party, wise decisions are necessary. A well-thought of and correctly set up fountain is perfect for everyone.

Wilton Chocolate Pro 3-Tier Chocolate Fountain

The wilson chocolate fountain under reviewImagine a girls’ night out complete with your favorite chocolate fondue. Amidst all the banter, laughter and reminiscing, you can enjoy your favorite choco-dipped selections in an endless supply of your chosen sweet concoction.

Whether it be for formal occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or school reunions and not such formal events like book club parties, bridal showers, and girls’ night outs, you can now relish your sweet treats dipped in do-it-yourself chocolate flow courtesy of Wilton Chocolate Fountain.

Wilton Chocolate Pro Fountain is a three-tiered choco fountain that can melt up to four pounds of confection. It is easy to use with its preheat settings and ‘flow’ switch function to enjoy a cascade of melting choco fountain in your very own special events. Your guests can readily adore choosing their sweet treats to dip:  from fruits like strawberries, bananas, or cherries to potato chips, marshmallows, pretzels, and cookies.

The product features three adjustable feet and bubble level for accurate leveling in all angles on tables or countertops. It weighs 5.2 pounds with a dimension of 12 x 12 x 16.8 inches. Minimal assembly is required, and it’s dishwasher safe for easy clean-up and storage.

You may use your Wilton Chocolate Pro Fountain by melting a 2-pound bag of easy-to-use chocolate fondue. You can choose any chocolate, but the fondue is an ideal consistency for a fountain. Then pour the melted chocolate into your fountain basin. The flowing choco dip is now ready to use.

However, you need to switch the ‘preheat’ button before the start of the party to ensure the perfect flow of cascading chocolate during the party.

When the party starts, turn the ‘flow’ button to initiate the fountain dip. You will not need to monitor the three-tiered fountain due to its 4-pound chocolate capacity, leaving you free to visit and talk with your guests or doing other pertinent details like checking some other dishes you prepare, checking the caterer (if applicable), and other activities needed as the host of the party.

After the party, you can now switch the ‘off’ button to remove the chocolate safely. Subsequently, detach the pieces of the fountain to clean each piece by hand and store compactly for its next use.

Your Wilton Chocolate Pro Chocolate Fountain costs about $60 priced at midrange compared to some other choco fountain brand in the market.

Sephra Chocolate Fountain

Sephra chocolate fountain being reviewedChocolate Fountains are easily one of the most eye-catching centerpieces of choco fondue in any occasions. From birthdays, wedding receptions, anniversaries, and company gatherings to bridal showers and all girls’ night outs, a smooth concoction of your favorite flowing choco dip desserts from your Sephra Chocolate Fountain will never fail to complete your day.

Recognized globally as a top-quality commercial and home chocolate fountains, Sephra Chocolate Fountains has set the standard for the most innovative and highest quality in the chocolate fountain industry.

Your Sephra Chocolate Fountain offers five models of chocolate fountains for commercial use, namely the Sephra  44-inch Convertible, the Cascade 44-inch, the Montezuma 34-inch R4, the Aztec 27-inch, and the Cortez 23-inch Commercial Chocolate Fountain. It also has three models for home use, the Elite, the Select, and the Classic Home Fondue Fountain.

Unlike other brands, Sephra is the first chocolate fountain not to require for chocolate to be melted before pouring the chocolate mixture into the basin of your chocolate fountain. The “Heat Only” knob in all Sephra chocolate fountains acts as a tempering machine to keep the chocolate consistent at the right temperature of 132-degree Fahrenheit. It will take thirty to forty-five minutes to melt a 20-pound chocolate in the fountain.

Depending on the size of your fountain, commercial fountains can hold between 9- and 20-pound of chocolate while home fountains can keep 3- to 6-pound of chocolate.

With the elegant styling and dishwasher safe parts, Sephra Chocolate Fountain comes with six metal fondue skewers for quick and easy cleanup. With its QuickSet assembly feature, anybody can set-up the fountain in minutes.

Sephra Chocolate Fountain also has WhisperQuiet Motor that you will not be able to tell that the motor is running in the background. They are also electrically certified to trust your equipment’s safety features.

Other unique features of the Sephra fountains include a removable bowl for ease of cleaning, three adjustable feet to make it easy in leveling the fountain on any surface, electrical and sanitation certified, less waste in a tapered bowl designed in each kind of fountain, and a brushed food grade stainless steel material.

All Sephra products are protected with a limited lifetime guarantee with two years on the fountain’s motor. However, justifying the price ranging from $75 to $250, Sephra Chocolate Fountain is labeled to be one of the more expensive brands in the chocolate fountain industry.

Nostalgia Chocolate Fountain: The Party Favorite

Testing the nostalgia fountainYou have a party to organize, and you need a sweet dessert for your guests. The problem is, you won’t have enough time to prepare the desserts because you still have to cook the appetizers and the main course for everyone. The clock is ticking but does not panic because there is still a way to complete your buffet table with a perfect dessert that everyone will surely love.

Chocolate fountains are party favorites that are also very easy to prepare. You just have to put the fountain on your table with a tray of fruits or any food that you’d like to dip and your dessert table is ready for the party. If you want to have a reliable chocolate fountain for your event, the Nostalgia Chocolate Fountain is a machine that is already proven to do well for the job.

The specifications of the Nostalgia is very impressive as well as its looks. The device looks elegant even with its small size. You won’t have to worry about trying to fit the fountain on your table because it won’t take too much space. Your guests will also enjoy dipping their favorite snacks in its 3-tier tower style.

If you want a more sophisticated dining experience, this fountain could also handle cheese, barbecue, and chamois sauces. Cheese lovers will surely enjoy the smooth cheese sauce that they can partner with their food. Everything goes perfectly well with cheese so you might also want to try this when you purchase the machine.

The Nostalgia could handle 2 pounds of chocolate, melted for everyone’s satisfaction. With the majestic cascade of chocolate in your table, everyone in the room won’t be able to resist this show-stealer, and they would even compliment you for including this fountain in your gathering.

Cleaning the machine after using it is also a breeze since it is very easy to assemble. This fountain is also auger-styled to fit any occasion that you need to organize. Whether it’s a wedding reception, house warming party, baby shower, or a kid’s party, you’ll surely nail your dessert table with the Nostalgia Chocolate fountain. Plus, it’s BPA-free!

Preparing the sweetest delights need not be a hassle for you. Nostalgia Chocolate fountain is an elegant and exciting way of giving your guests delectable desserts that are too mouthwatering to resist. Get this dessert fountain and have the sweetest party that everyone will remember.


table with fruits and chocolate flowAfter this review, one thing is certain: we have all gained at least a few pounds. But it has also been the most fun test we have ever done. Each of these fountains has it’s own benefits and drawbacks. Your choice depends on your intended usage. Whatever you choose, make sure to invest in quality chocolate. This not only tastes better, it’s also better for the pump.

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