Do You Know How To Make Good Coffee?

For the coffee aficionado, drinking coffee is not just something to do; it’s an art form.  There is good coffee, and there is bad coffee, and coffee experts know the difference between the two.  Follow these steps to drink coffee like the experts.

1. Buy Good Quality Coffee Beans

The art of good coffee begins with good quality whole coffee beans, not pre-grounded.  The best beans are grown organically without chemicals and preservatives.  Check the date on the bag to see when the beans were acquired.  Go for high-quality beans such as Arabica or Robusta.  Look also for where the beans were grown.  If they came from one part of the world, rather than various regions of the world, that’s better.

There are different places where you can buy good quality coffee beans, and it doesn’t just have to be at a store designated for coffee.  Nowadays, good quality coffee beans can be bought at retail grocery stores as well as warehouse clubs.  Another great place to find good coffee is online.  Many websites offer good coffee.  In fact, you can find brands that you’ve never heard of on the Internet.

2. Grind the Beans in a Good Quality Coffee Grinder

coffee beans need to be groud Any coffee expert will tell you that the best tasting coffee comes from grinding the beans yourself as you’re ready to use them.  However, be sure to buy a good quality grinder.  Coffee grinders have a tendency to break often from so much use. After all, coffee drinkers will drink coffee every day of the week and sometimes throughout the day.  If you buy a cheap grinder, it won’t last.  If you buy one of the best hand grinders, it will last longer and make better coffee

3. Use Unbleached Coffee Filters and Filtered Water To Make The Coffee

When you get ready to brew your coffee in a coffee maker, make sure you use unbleached coffee filters.  You want to keep as many chemicals out of your organic coffee as possible.  You can also buy a permanent filter that you’ll simply need to wash after each use.  Also, use filtered, clean water when you make your coffee.  Again, the goal is to have a good, pure cup of coffee, and using water that is not clean and containing chemicals defeats that goal.

4. Drink Your Cups of Coffee Black

There’s debate on this last step, but many coffee experts drink their coffee black.  They don’t put milk in it, cream in it, sugar in it or other sweeteners.  A pure, clean cup of coffee will not be mixed with dairy, sugar or other products. You can taste the flavor of the coffee when it is not mixed with anything.

How to make good coffee is not particularly hard.  It’s just a matter of starting out with a good product and then making it with pure, clean tools, namely chemical free filters and clean water.  Keeping cream, milk, half-and-half, sugar, etc., out of the coffee also maintains its original, good, clean taste.

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