5 Kitchen Must-Haves

There are certain mainstays when it comes to a kitchen that people can’t do without. Everyone knows you need a good refrigerator and freezer, a good stove and things like a microwave. You don’t need to include those on the list of the five must haves for every kitchen because it’s quite obvious that they should be there. However, what else does every kitchen need?

What Don’t You Need

There are certainly all kinds of gadgets that make their way into people’s kitchens even though they don’t need them. Is your kitchen stocked up with all tons of products from infomercials and department store sales? That can muddy the waters a little when it comes to recognizing what’s critical to have in a kitchen. So what is important besides the basics like the fridge and stove?

Toast or Waffles

Does every kitchen need a toaster? Toasters could still be considered a staple of every kitchen. However, let’s put toasters on the obvious list, and then look at a small kitchen appliance that every homeowner should have. You can make toast for sandwiches and breakfast, but what do you do when you need waffles? Waffles are a breakfast favorite, and kids love them. Therefore, waffle makers are a must-have for every kitchen.

Washing the Dishes

Dishwashers are optional appliances, but in this day and age, who wants to stand there and wash dishes by hand all the time? If you don’t want to do that, then you need a dishwasher. Even if your kitchen setup doesn’t currently have one, there is likely a way you can fit one in there, even if you have to get a little creative. Dishwashers make doing everything in the kitchen so much easier.

Coffee Makes the World go Round

That’s two must haves for every kitchen so far, and now it’s time for three more. In a kitchen, you need a good coffee maker. Maybe you don’t drink coffee, but you do entertain guests I’m sure. Furthermore, the K-cup coffee machines these days present many options. Kids can make cups of hot chocolate much easier using them, and you can make cups of hot tea as well. Everyone needs one of these cool coffee makers in their kitchen.

Slow and steady

Earlier, I mentioned that people have all kinds of gadgets in their kitchens that they don’t need. Then I named the waffle maker a must have. Now you’re going to be told about another small kitchen appliance that is a must have, which is the crock pot or slow cooker. Do you already have one of these in your kitchen? If you don’t, think about all of the great recipes you can make in them and how they make cooking easier.

What’s the 5th must have for your kitchen? It’s a garbage disposal. Garbage disposals are another addition to kitchens that make things much easier, just like the dishwasher. How many of the five must-haves do you have in your kitchen? Maybe it’s time for some upgrades, or maybe you checked all of them off as you read this article.

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